Frequently asked questions

In order to assure you a complete audiovisual experience, as well as a comfortable visit of the exhibition, the admission to DAVID BOWIE IS is divided in different time slots every day.

  • With the STANDARD ticket, you have to pick up a day and time to visit the exhibition.
  • With the FAST PASS ticket, you are allowed a priority single entry, any day and at any time, without having to queue.

Please always check the opening and closing times of the exhibition before planning your visit.

No. Once you buy your ticket, changes, refunds or cancellations are not allowed. We recommend you to plan your visit in advance to avoid such situation.
The tickets for DAVID BOWIE IS are sold through Ticketea, a ticket-selling system. If you have any question during the buying process or once you have bought your ticket, please check the FAQs in In case of more doubts, please contact Ticketea at o via Twitter at @ticketea.
Starting from May, 25th, you can also buy your ticket for David Bowie Is at the Museum ticket office. However, we recommend you buying the ticket in advance through Internet to make sure you will get your ticket, and to avoid unnecessary queues.
The prices of the exhibition have been adjusted thanks to an agreement reached between the Barcelona City Hall and the exhibition organizers in Barcelona, allowing us to offer a general admission ticket which is cheaper than the average price offered in the nine locations where the exhibition has already taken place; moreover, we also offer a special discount for users of the Gaudir Més service, as well as for children under 12 years of age and people over 65 years of age.
If you buy a ticket including a discount thanks to meeting one of the aforementioned conditions (being a user of Gaudir Més, children under 12 years of age, and people above 65 of age), you will have to prove you are entitled to get the discount. No other discounts are applied, except for those stated before.
To visit the exhibition, children above 3 years of age must have a valid ticket.
There are discounts for groups of 10 people or more. If you are planning to visit the exhibition with a group, please contact us at
DAVID BOWIE IS is a complete audiovisual experience thanks to the use of state-of-the-art multimedia technology. With the use of Sennehiser headphones, visitors will immerse themselves into the worlds of sounds of the artist. Sennheiser is the technology partner of the exhibition. This is a partnership that uses the most advanced technology to virtually merge image and music. The use of the headphones is part of the experience and is included in your ticket.

Recommendations and general rules during your visit to the exhibition

Please keep your ticket at all times during your visit. Most of these rules are printed on the reverse side of the ticket, and buying the ticket implies the acceptance of the access regulations. Once you get out from the exhibition area, you will not be allowed to enter again.
Children under 12 years of age have to be accompanied by an adult.
Entering the museum with pets is not allowed, with the exception of guide dogs.
The cloakroom service is free and is located in the ground floor. Rucksacks, big backs, and strollers have to be stored in this area.
Unless it is necessary for people with reduced mobility, it is not allowed to enter the premises with any wheeled transport system, such as bicycles, skateboard, skates or any other electric gadget (these must be stored in the cloakroom area).
Taking pictures and recording in the exhibition is not allowed. For press purposes, please contact before our Press Department at
Please mute your cell phone and do not speak loud.
It is not allowed to smoke, eat and drink in the exhibition area.
To avoid accidents and not to bother the other visitors, running and shouting is not allowed in the exhibition rooms.
To protect and preserve the heritage, touching the objects of the exhibition and getting onto the platforms where the objects are exhibited is not allowed.
Toilets are outside the exhibition area.
In case of an evacuation, please follow the directions of the Museum staff.
You will be able to buy a ticket for the exhibitions at the Museum up to 2 hours before the closing time of the Museum.